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Wisconsin DOT Web Site Driver Forms Link

To go directly to the form, click the form number. For information about when to use the form, click on the form or page title.


MV4002Report of Accident Wisconsin Driver Traffic Accident

MV2896Obtaining vehicle or driver record information

MV3001Wisconsin Driver License Application (561 KB)

MV3004Wisconsin Identification Card (ID) Application (405 KB)

MV3030VDriver license vision standards

MV3058Mailable address change notice

MV3118Withdrawing sponsorship (for a young driver)

MV3141Driver Condition or Behavior Report – (Reporting medically impaired drivers.) MS Word

MV3632Court order for intoxicated driver assessment and driver safety plan

MV3644 – Medical Examination Report (Driving with a medical condition) (255 KB)


Wisconsin DOT Vehicle Forms Link

MV1 (423 KB) – Application for title – for automobiles, light and heavy trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, trailers, recreational vehicle trailers/campers, etc., or to apply for a replacement for a lost title.

MV2016Substitute renewal notice (Used if you did not receive a renewal notice or have lost it.)

MV2026Duplicate Certificate of Registration

MV2111 (320 KB) – Non Operation of vehicle statement

MV2118Replacement or duplicate license plate application

MV2162 (476 KB) – Disabled parking license plates

MV2172 (391 KB) – Disabled veteran license plates

MV2300 (259 KB) – Statement of transfer of vehicles to a surviving spouse, domestic partner or heir

MV2323Collector license plates

MV2388Hobbyist license plates

MV2428Personalized license plates

MV2459 MS WordJunked vehicle bill of sale

MV2514License plates cancellation application

MV2548 (406 kb) – Disabled parking identification cards (permanent disability)

MV2593Antique license plates

MV2652Civilian license plates

MV2653Military license plates

MV2724University license plates

MV2858Endangered resources license plates

MV2899 (817 KB) – Celebrate children license plate application

MV2916Ducks Unlimited license plates

MV2917Green Bay Packer plates

MV2924Consent to purchase certification (owner under 18 years of age)

MV2928 MS WordInstructions for selling a vehicle/Sample Bill of Sale

MV2929Wisconsin National Guard plates (538 KB)

MV2933 (362 kb) – Disabled parking identification card (temporary disability)

MV3592Request to Withhold Name and Address

MV4062Milwaukee Brewers license plate application