Band Stage Project


Raising funds to build the 1st Phase of the Band Stage, is still underway. 

Project “Day” Dream on behalf of the Day family is underway.  This $25,000 matching program is offered because of a very generous donation by Tom Day, a Spencer Alumni.  Tom would like to see additional Spencer Alumni donate to meet his match so the project can happen. To date, $3,251 has been raised towards this challenge.  Please get your donation in by mail to the Village of Spencer, PO Box 360 or drop off at 105 S Park St, Spencer. Good faith pledges will be accepted toward this goal.  If you have a creative donation, please contact the Village Office at 715-659-5423. 

In addition, we are still seeking a donor to claim naming rights to the band stage/outdoor shelter.  If you wish to carry on your legacy through this project, please contact the Village Office.

The next step is to refine the cost estimates so we have a clearer budget needed to get the project underway.  The goal is to have the structure built for SPENCERAMA next year, since 2024 is Spencer’s Sesquicentennial!